Friday, June 22, 2018

47 Life History -- 2004 Visit to Dad and Ginnie Merrick

Garrett, Ken, Mel with John Merrick seated

In 2004 Garrett, Cheryl, Ken, Bev, and Stephanie visited Dad in Akron, Ohio.

Monday, June 18, 2018

48 Life History --- Retirement Activities

I graduated from BYU in April 1978 with a degree in building construction.   However, interest rates were so high at this time that not much building was occurring, and having been seven years at the Post Office, we decided that it was not a good time to go into building construction; so, I’ve been at the Post Office ever since.

In January I began studying real estate in earnest in preparation for my post-retirement career.  We listed the land for sale, but the economy, especially real estate, is down; so, the chances of its selling are poor.  I registered our PINC Property Investment Company LLC 
with the state so that we can transfer the house title into it.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

44 Life History --- Postal Career

I started working at the Post Office in Salt Lake City on 7 September 1971, while I was still getting used to new contact lenses.  I worked in the Parcel Post Annex by the railroad tracks.  I learned quite a few un-required schemes, did my job well, especially as a caller on the truck unloading belt, on the parcel post carousel distribution, and as an occasional expediter, and earned a quality step increase.

30 Life History --- On Leave in Japan 1970

Tokyo Japan at night. It was Christmas season.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

45 Life History --- 1990 Mom's Funeral

Ken and I flew to Akron in August 1990 to attend Mom’s funeral.  Mel and Kathy did a fine job of handling all the arrangements.  I gave him $500, in hopes that it was an appropriate amount to help with his expenses.  We renewed acquaintances with many relatives, especially enjoying Aunt Peggy, as usual, and Aunt Floy Rollyson Hilbert.

43 Life History --- Brigham Young University 1971

At the first of June 1971 I packed up all my goods, departed the army and headed west for BYU.  I located a private apartment and began job searching, part of which included taking the postal test.  I enrolled in BYU in civil engineering, but changed to building construction a year or two later.  Lon Wallace was my primary instructor; he was a good teacher.