Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Happy 50th Birthday Garrett!

by Cheryl Merrick, Garrett's wife, 1996

Thank you for sharing the last (and best) half with me! We have struggled together and, through the Lord’s help, learned and grown. You have helped me more than you realize. The support you are now able to give to me is helping me to fulfill my calling here upon the earth. When I first met you, I recognized a desire in you to choose the right. This desire has only increased as the years have passed, and has become manifest in your righteous leadership of our family. What has meant the most to me has been your support of me as a mother. You have appreciated my teaching and relating ability and encouraged me to use these talents. You have provided the home and means thus enabling me to always remain home with our children. I am grateful for a man who wanted more than a servant to wait on him, who wanted a full partner and a teacher for our children. Thank you for all you support and encouragement. I like being on your team! Lets go for another 25!

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